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Providing optimal CRM solutions
for your business challenges and goals

We provide SFA (sales support) and CRM (customer relationship management) services using various services of, inc. (hereinafter referred to as Salesforce) in order to realize our customers' business goals and to solve their problems.

As a certified Salesforce partner, we have successfully built many large scale B to B to C mission-critical systems in a short period of time using We also have extensive experience with Salesforce package-based enterprise group SFA systems and marketing tools that integrate Salesforce and BI tools. In addition to the various services of Salesforce, we can also propose optimal solutions as needed by combining a variety of external services.

Cloud Customer Management Solutions


Cloud-based Salesforce products are used across a whole range of industries and sizes, mainly by large domestic companies, and also extending to small and medium-sized enterprises, for SFA (sales support), customer relationship management (CRM) and customer support. We are constantly rolling out new, user-friendly services in tandem with market changes, and more than 150,000 companies around the world have already adopted these solutions.​


Cloud-based sales support / customer relationship management (CRM)

Smarter and faster sales with the world’s #1 CRM

  Significant increase in order rates;

 Improvement in sales settlement;

  Support data-driven decisions;

Increase in hot prospects.

Service Cloud

Cloud-based customer service support

Delivering fast and smart customer support

  24/7 customer service;

 Customer care tailored to each customer;

Customer support through all channels;

Intelligent customer service with high customer satisfaction;

Quick resolution of support cases.

Application development / operation platform is suitable for developing departmental applications, business process applications, and other applications that are directly related to your employees. Visual mouse-operation-only design allows for speedy development, and APIs make it easy to connect with other applications.

Marketing Cloud

Building and managing your customer journey

Delivering One-to-One customer journeys

  Customer journey planning, personalization and optimization;

 Deepen customer understanding;

Creating the best customer journey for each and every customer;

Guiding customers through the customer journey;

Real-time analysis of business impact.

Custom application development leveraging Salesforce

IT solutions that leverage Salesforce allow us to build and operate a system within a short period of time while sharing screen images with our clients from the early stages of a project.

Since prototyping is performed at the same time as project commencement, system specifications can be confirmed early and flexible system integration with existing systems can be realized as needed.

DENTSU SOKEN has a proven track record of developing in collaboration with Salesforce other cloud environment systems such as AWS. ​

Actual usage of Salesforce

The Shizuoka Bank, Ltd.

  Building Shizuoka Bank’s home loan portal using Salesforce More detail (Japanese version only) [PDF]

  Building a portal for opening Wrap Accounts at Shizuoka Bank using Salesforce Community Cloud​    More detail (Japanese version only) [PDF]

SBI Sumishin Net Bank, Ltd.

  Launching Full Cloud-Type Contact Centre Solution for financial institutions powered by ISID, Amazon Connect and Salesforce Service Cloud  More detail (Japanese version only) [PDF]


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DENTSU SOKEN SINGAPORE has been providing services in ASEAN region since 1992, focusing on various IT solutions, business IT consulting, system development and IT project management.

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