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Team members with a deep understanding of financial services supporting the project

We have a development team specializing in the financial industry, and provide system development services of various scales. With the globalization of business, the number of cross-border global projects is increasing. In this regard, we therefore also provide consultation and PMO services in support of these requirements.

In support of the core operations of the financial industry, we provide not only system development and consulting, but also package solutions such as "GBS Ⅱ", a core banking package for small and medium-sized overseas operations, "Lamp", a package solution for leasing and finance companies, and “iCS”, an integrated office management package for overseas branches.

Back Office System for Bank Overseas Operations

GBSⅡ(Global Banking System Ⅱ)

GBS Ⅱ is a back office system for bank overseas operations. Since the development of GBS Version 1 in 1983, we have supported the overseas operations of many financial institutions by enhancing functionalities, responding to system requirements, and supporting infrastructure renewal. It is still being used in major financial centers abroad, such as Hong Kong, New York and London. Support for bases in China has also been completed.

The main business areas covered are:​​

Leasing and Financing Management Package


Lamp is a general term for packages that integrate business management systems and their peripheral systems targeting the financial business domain, such as "finance leases," "operating leases," "loans," "instalments," and "factoring".

It covers core operations such as application management, case review, contract management, billing and collection management, and demand management, as well as supports peripheral operations such as the front-end web systems used by agents and BI tools that can be used for management analysis based on business data by headquarters personnel. It increases the efficiency and rigor of the entire operation as a result.

As of late, we are also supporting various leasing-related schemes, such as automobile maintenance leases, dealership financing, and Japanese-style operating leases, as well as extreme unsecured card loans for individuals with a combination of credit review systems and front-end web systems.

Integrated Office Management Package for Overseas Branches


Reports to local authorities and anti-money laundering requirements for overseas branches of financial institutions have become increasingly stringent in recent years. Since customer and transaction data held in accounts cannot meet the demands of reports to local authorities, seamless coordination of peripheral office work and transactions is necessary to improve the response for reports to local authorities and reduce compliance risk.

Our product, “iConnectStation”, enables the preparation of a data store in advance for bookkeeping together with administrative management, and coordinates all the way from bookkeeping to local authority reporting. We reduce your office load and compliance risk with a nimble, user-friendly WEB user interface, a flexible workflow engine for office management, and with automatic integration of customer and transaction data with multiple accounting systems.


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